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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Testing Services

Testing Services

High Stakes Testing Center

The “High Stakes” Testing Center offers certification and licensure testing for many professions.

Pearson Vue® Authorized Testing Center

Pierpont Community & Technical College is an authorized Pearson VUE® Testing Center. The college’s Pearson VUE® Testing Center is housed at the Advanced Technology Center. The Pearson VUE advanced computer-based testing system administers exams for the NREMT as well as leading IT certification programs such as Cisco Systems®, CompTIA, and others through a global network of quality test centers.

College Board® (CLEP™)

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) allows students to demonstrate that they have acquired college-level mastery of course content in 34 different subject areas. Students who successfully complete a CLEP exam can: Enrich their degree programs with higher-level courses in the same discipline, expand their horizons by taking a wider array of electives and avoid the need to repeat material that they already know.

For students who are able to pursue their degrees only part-time, or who are struggling to meet the rising cost of higher education, CLEP offers an educationally sound, responsible way to shorten the path to a college degree. This benefit makes earning a degree more feasible - making it more likely those part-time or financially strapped students will continue working toward a degree. These exams may be scheduled through the Advanced Technology Center. 


Pierpont Community & Technical College is an authorized Scantron testing center. The College’s Scantron testing center is housed at the Advanced Technology Center. Scantron is an advanced computer-based testing system and administers exams such as EMT-wound care, ACE GFI, BOC Athletic Trainer, and phlebotomy. 


Pierpont Community & Technical College is now using NEXT GENERATION ACCUPLACER as its test to determine whether students with no or low or outdated ACT or SAT scores are eligible for traditional 3-credit courses in ENGL and MTH or if they are required to take extended credit courses or additional co-requisite support classes.If you have not attended and passed a college-level Math/English course and do not have ACT/SAT scores for consideration, you will need to take the NEXT GENERATION ACCUPLACER exam at the Advanced Technology Center (ATC).


Pierpont Community & Technical College is administering the ACT to students who are unable to test on an ACT National Testing date or have the desire to retest at our campus. Scores can only be used at Pierpont Community & Technical College. ACT Residual Testing is limited to students who are in the application process, have been admitted, or have enrolled at our institution. Score results are official and can be used for admission, course placement, and other enrollment management decisions. 

Pan Proctor

Pierpont Community & Technical College is an authorized Pan Proctor testing center. We offer testing for the FBI, CBT, TSA, AFT and Air Marshall. Testing is located at the Advanced Technology Center. 


DSST testing is available at the Advanced Technology Center. The nationally recognized DSST Credit-by-Exam Program gives students the opportunity to receive college credit for learning acquired outside of the traditional classroom. With more than 30 exam titles in college subject areas such as Social Sciences, Math, Applied Technology, Business, Physcial Sciences, and Humanities, DSST exams shorten the pathway to graduation while reducing college costs. 


TEAS testing is available at the Advanced Technology Center. TEAS testing is a requirement for admission into the LPN and RN programs. 

PSI Testing Center

The PSI Testing Center offers a variety of exams for professional license and certifications including, real estate, insurance, construction, barber, National Home Inspector, EKG, Pharmacy Technician, Medical Administrative Assistant, Medical Assistant (CCMA), CITA, AWS, and cosmetology. 


Certiport exams are available to students attending Pierpont Community & Technical College. These exams are for certifications in various software including AutoCAD and Microsoft Office Specialist.