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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Information

Academic Advising System

Students are assigned academic advisors shortly after enrollment at Pierpont Community and Technical College; those students who are not ready to select a major upon entrance will be assigned the major “Liberal Studies, General” and will be given an advisor for career counseling purposes. Students wanting to change their major fields of study must fill out a change of major form; students will then be referred to their major departments to have a new advisor assigned. Students should discuss problems relating to degree requirements, pre-registration, registration, and withdrawals from class or college with their advisors and/or with Student Services. (See below)

Students each semester must meet with their advisor and obtain a pin number in order to schedule courses.

Assessment of Student Academic Achievement

Pierpont Community & Technical College is committed to providing quality educational opportunities and experiences for every student, embracing a process of continuous improvement in teaching and learning, as promoted by the WV Higher Education Assessment Council, the Higher Learning Commission and the West Virginia Community & Technical College System. Our multifaceted assessment program includes electronic portfolio reviews, standardized testing at multiple levels, signature assessments and assignments, traditional course grades, capstone projects, clinical practice reviews and end of program testing. Students participate in ongoing, integrated assessment activities, such as Program Benchmark Testing, End of Program Graduation Tests, and Field Tests for their majors. Student participation in assessment activities helps to ensure the ongoing health and vitality of academic programs and improve the overall educational experience.

Grading System

The following system of grading is used at Pierpont:

A - Superior. Given only to students for exceptional performance.
B - Good. Given for performance distinctly above average in quality.
C - Average. Given for performance of average quality.
D - Below Average. Lowest passing grade for most courses, performance of poor quality.
F - Failure. Course must be repeated if credit is to be received.
I - Incomplete.

A grade of “Incomplete” should be given only in those circumstances where it can be removed by some process such as taking an examination or submitting overdue papers. A grade of “Incomplete” may be given only if students fail to complete a portion of work due to circumstances beyond their control (less than 25% of a course).  A grade of “Incomplete” should not be given if students are required to repeat all or a substantial part of a course in order to remove it. The instructor must submit the Incomplete Grade Form and receive the approval and signature of the Dean.

The letter grade of “I” will be omitted from the calculation of the grade point average during the specified time period as described by the instructor on the Incomplete Grade Form. The instructor has the right to determine the appropriate time period needed to complete the work with the maximum being one year.

At the end of the specified make-up period, the instructor must submit a final grade for the student using the Registrar’s Office Grade Modification Form. If no grade is received within a year of the Incomplete being entered, the grade will automatically default to an F.

Students with grades of “I” or “NR” on their transcript are not eligible for graduation, and their financial aid may be negatively affected.

Courses offered with a credit/no credit grade option will be recorded but will not be reflected in the quality point index or GPA calculation. Credit earned for courses numbered 1100 or greater may count toward graduation. Credit earned for developmental coursework does not count towards graduation.

The grade of “CR” means “C” or better has been earned for the course.

Office of Student Success & Completion

The mission of the Office of Student Success & Completion of Pierpont Community & Technical College is to provide personalized, ongoing intentional interactions with students from orientation through graduation.  The Office of Student Success & Completion supports Pierpont students by facilitating student connections with the institutional community, orchestrating cross-campus collaboration, and promoting academic achievement, and dedication to program completion. 

The primary goal of the Office of Student Success & Completion is to work with students individually and assist in a success plan that aids in overcoming any barrier to college success. To ensure that students take full advantage of student services and educational opportunities, the Office has implemented a student success program supported through an Early Alert System.  The system allows faculty to be proactive, supportive, and involved in facilitating the academic components of student persistence through early detection and intervention of students who are experiencing academic problems.  What constitutes an Early Alert?

  • Poor Attendance
  • Tardiness
  • Low Scores On Assignments and/or Test
  • Not Submitting Homework
  • Not Logging-In to Blackboard
  • A Change in Demeanor (Attitude, Behavior, Poor Participation, and Engagement in Class)
  • Knowledge of Personal Barriers (Death in Family, Finances, etc.)

The Office of Student Success & Completion provides services to students that ensures support for their unique needs.  Examples of support provided by the Office are success strategies workshops, course registration, connections with campus resources, and personalized ongoing interactions with students by phone, email, individual appointments, and walk-in meetings.

For more information, contact the Director of Student Success & Completion at (304) 367-4854.

President’s List

Students who register and receive letter grades (A-F) for twelve or more hours in a semester taken at Pierpont (excluding credit (CR) or audit marks) and attain a grade point average of 4.0 join a select group of individuals and are named to the President’s List.

Dean’s List

Students who register and receive letter grades (A-F) for 12 or more hours taken at Pierpont (excluding credit (CR) or audit marks) and receive a grade point average of 3.4 or better are considered honor students and are named to the Dean’s List.

Grade Reports

Students can access four week, mid-term and final grades by logging into their online Pierpont ROAR account. Go to “Student Records” to view grades. Four week grades (D, F or NC only) can be found on the “Midterm Grades” link, and will be replaced by the Midterm grade at Midterm.

Office of Academy for Teaching Excellence, Assessment, & Inclusion

The purpose of the Office is three-fold: to serve as a resource for teaching faculty in continuous improvement of their role in the teaching/learning process; to promote student persistence to degree; to help coordinate and carry out strategic institutional curricular and co-curricular assessment projects; and to assist the campus community overall in creating a safe, welcoming, and inclusive teaching and learning environment.

The Director serves as a consultant for all academic units in the design and completion of their individual assessment projects, including but not limited to, program reviews, annual assessment plans and reports, and the coordination of student end-of-program assessments. The Office works closely with the Office of Student Success & Completion under the supervision and leadership of the Office of the Provost.