May 23, 2024  
Spring 2024 Academic Catalog 
Spring 2024 Academic Catalog

Board of Governors, A.A.S.

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Nancy Parks, Board of Governors Program Coordinator
Caperton Center 128; (304)367-4990

Program Purpose
(as stated by the Community & Technical College System of West Virginia)

The Board of Governors Associate of Applied Science degree program is a nontraditional, degree completion opportunity at the associate degree level specifically devised for adult learners to meet occupational goals, employment requirements, establish professional credentials, and or achieve personal goals.  This degree program provides the opportunity for adult learners to utilize credit for prior learning experiences via licenses, certificates, military credit, and other sources while assuring maximum credit transferability.

Through the Board of Governors AAS degree program, adult students can establish deserved credentials, achieve a personal sense of accomplishment, and position themselves for advancement into a baccalaureate program.  The Board of Governors AAS degree increases educational access and degree opportunities for adults who have deferred or interrupted their educational plans.

Note:  The Board of Governors A.A.S. degree is available only to students who have completed no prior college degree at the Associate level or higher.

Admission Requirements

Admission into the Board of Governors degree program is based upong the following criteria:

  • Admission to the program is available to students who have graduated from high school two or more years prior.
  • Students who did not complete a traditional diploma or equivalency credential must be two-years post the scheduled date for high school graduation.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Board of Governors A.A.S. degree, graduates will be able to do the following:

  • Demonstrate successful completion of those student learning outcomes detailed in their core courses and general electives


Graduates may use the Board of Governors AAS degree in their employment search for any position in which the minimum expectation is an earned Associate degree.  

Special Notes

  • To fulfill residency requirements a minimum of 12 credit hours must be completed from a regionally accredited higher educational institution.
  • A minimum of 15 credit hours are required for an Area of Emphasis (optional). For more information on approved areas of emphasis, contact the Coordinator.
  • Students desiring to submit portfolio(s) for credit evaluation must meet with the Program Coordinator for direction and must be enrolled in the program. A $300.00 portfolio fee and $10.00 per credit hour acceptance fee is charged for each portfolio submitted and credit granted after evaluation.
  • Students seeking college credit for certifications/licenses/ training approved by the State Board of Governors Degree Program must meet with the Program Coordinator and provide official copies of certifications/licenses/training.
  • The BOG degree will articulate with the WV Regents Bachelor of Arts degree and may fulfill required and general elective credits of other four-year degree programs
  • Students who wish to appeal for general elective college credits not addressed through existing standardized awards may do so through a portfolio process.  Students who wish to exercise this option must complete a 1-credit Portfolio Development course; pay a non-refundable fee of $300; pay a $10 per credit hour transcription fee; and recognize that there is no guarantee of credits granted and that no other degree program is obligated to honor credits earned in the portfolio process.  Financial aid does not cover costs associated with portfolio submission.  Further, all portfolio credit appeals must align with the student learning outcomes of a specific Pierpont course.

Board of Governors (60 Hrs)

Component I - General Education (15 Hrs)

Below are Pierpont-specific courses for each General Education area; transfer work may also apply.

Component II - General Electives (45 Hrs)

Notice to All Students

  • Annual Notification: All career and technical education courses and programs are offered at Pierpont regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, or disability.
  • Advanced Skill Set and Skill Set programs do not qualify for financial aid. Students seeking financial aid eligible degrees may incorporate the classes as electives when their schedule allows or may declare an associate or certificate degree in which the skill set and advanced skill set courses are embedded.
  • Students are reminded to review campus policies and procedures as stated in the catalog.

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