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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Board of Governors, A.A.S.

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Nancy Parks, Board of Governors Program Coordinator
Caperton Center / (304)367-4990

Program Purpose

The Board of Governors A.A.S. Degree is a degree program designed to help adults achieve their personal and/or professional goals and complete a college degree without committing to a specific academic major. This degree program is open to any student who has graduated from high school two or more years prior; students who earned a High School Equivalency Exam Certificate are welcome to enroll if their assigned graduating class has been out of high school two years or more.

The BOG degree requires the successful completion of 21 required hours across a common “core” and 39 credit hours of general electives. Students completing 15 or more credits in a particular technical or occupational focus will have an “area of emphasis” noted on their academic transcript upon graduation, provided the student has earned grades of C or higher in each course. (In cases of test-outs, a CR is considered a “C.”)

The BOG degree can be earned by combining any of the following: previously earned college credits; enrollment in traditional or online courses; military credits; credits earned through “challenge” exams or test-outs; credits awarded through CLEP tests; credits awarded through professional certifications that have been approved through the WV State BOG/RBA program; and credits that may be awarded through the official documentation and assessment of prior learning experiences through a portfolio submission. (See Special Notes)

Students in the BOG degree program receive highly personalized advising and the benefit of automatic “academic forgiveness” of all Fs earned four or more years prior to enrollment in the program, thus raising the final GPA upon graduation.

Furthermore, the BOG program at Pierpont Community & Technical College welcomes students who have completed all required 60 credits at other colleges and universities but who are unable, for whatever reason, to complete those particular programs. No additional coursework will be required through Pierpont, provided that at least 12 of the required 60 credits were completed through “regionally accredited” colleges.

Beginning Spring 2019, a $300 transcript evaluation fee may be charged to students who have no institutional residency from West Virginia colleges.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Board of Governors A.A.S. degree, graduates will be able to do the following:

  • Demonstrate successful completion of those student learning outcomes detailed in their core courses and general electives


Students graduating with a Board of Governors A.A.S. degree may choose to apply all hours of that degree to a WV Regents Bachelors of Arts (RBA) degree program at a West Virginia Bachelor-degree granting colleges or universities. Students may also use the BOG A.A.S. in their employment search for any position with the minimum expectation of the candidate having completed at least two years of college-level coursework or of having earned an Associate degree.

Board of Governors (with min 2.00 GPA) 60 Sem. Hrs

Component I - General Education* 21 Sem. Hrs
Communications 6
Mathematics/Science 6
Social Sciences 6
Computer Literacy 3

Component II - General Electives 39 Sem. Hrs

Course options for completion of the 21 semester hours of the General Education Core include the following:

Component I - General Education 21 SEM. HRS *

  • Communications 6 hr(s).
  • Mathematics/Science 6 hr(s).
  • Social Sciences 6 hr(s).
  • Computer Literacy 3 hr(s).

Component II - General Electives 39 SEM. HRS.

Course options for completion of the 21 semester hours of the General Education Core include the following:

Special Notes

  1. Students seeking college credit for certifications/licenses/ training approved by the State Board of Governors Degree Program must meet with the Program Coordinator and provide official copies of certifications/licenses/training.
  2. Students who decide to pursue Bachelor’s degrees other than the RBA may be required to meet additional Liberal Studies requirements in addition to the ones required of the BOG A.A.S. degree.
  3. Students may request credits through the portfolio process for general elective credits only and only for those credits in which a pre-existing Prior Learning Assessment (CLEP, test-out) does not exist. Students who wish to receive college credit for prior learning experiences not already approved and documented by the WV BOG/RBA program are required to do the following: complete a 1-credit hour Portfolio Development course; pay a non-refundable evaluation fee of $300; pay a $10 per credit hour transcription fee for each credit hour granted through the process; understand that there is no guarantee that the number of credits requested will be granted; understand that other Associate and Bachelor degree programs are under no obligation to accept credits based on portfolio submissions; and understand that financial aid does not cover the costs associated with a portfolio submission. Furthermore, students are strongly encouraged to submit portfolios that address the student learning outcomes of existing courses.

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