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Spring 2023 Academic Catalog 
Spring 2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Industrial Print Reading, Skill Set

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Applied Process Technology Program Coordinator

Program Purpose

This Skill Set is designed to enable students to read and interpret Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) Electrical Drawings, and Hydraulic and Pneumatic Drawings. Students learn industry recognized symbols used in each type of drawing and learn to trace system flow paths, circuitry, and identify control loops.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Given a P&ID, trace the flow path of the fluid or gas, identify/label components by their corresponding symbols and describe the operational process depicted by the drawing, including its various control loop primary, control and final elements
  • Given P&ID’s list the positions of components needed to mechanically isolate a given component or components
  • Given electrical drawings and schematics, trace the electrical signals through the circuitry and identify or label components by their corresponding symbols and describe the function of the control circuitry
  • Given Electrical drawings and schematics, identify power sources that need to be de energized in order to electrically isolate given components
  • Given drawings of hydraulic and pneumatic circuits, identify label components by their corresponding symbols and describe the process depicted in the drawings


Reading industrial prints is a foundational skill that applies to many industries. Students will be better able to function in manufacturing and industrial settings with this new Skill Set enabling them to move into more responsible positions more quickly.

Required Courses (2 Hrs)

Notice to All Students

  • Annual Notification: All career and technical education courses and programs are offered at Pierpont regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, or disability.
  • Advanced Skill Set and Skill Set programs do not qualify for financial aid. Students seeking financial aid eligible degrees may incorporate the classes as electives when their schedule allows or may declare an associate or certificate degree in which the skill set and advanced skill set courses are embedded.
  • Students are reminded to review campus policies and procedures as stated in the catalog.

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