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Spring 2023 Academic Catalog 
Spring 2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Aviation Maintenance Technology, A.A.S.

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Dr. Brad Gilbert, Aviation Maintenance Technology Program Coordinator
(304) 367-4800

Program Purpose

The Aviation Maintenance Technology A.A.S. Degree provides training in aircraft technology. Students will learn to perform maintenance, remove & replace components, troubleshoot, and repair aircraft systems. They will also learn to develop plans to analyze and develop solutions for aircraft problems using approved maintenance materials. This program focuses on the areas of knowledge required to be qualified to take the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 147 tests. It prepares graduates to successfully complete the three written tests required by the FAA. After successful completion of the written exams, the graduate will complete an Oral & Practical exam that will qualify them for an FAA Airframe and Power Plant (A & P) Certificate that is good for life. The technical areas of study focus on the mechanical aspects of aircraft airframes, power plants, and all supporting aircraft subsystems. Students will learn to work on a wide range of aircraft, from small general aviation aircraft to transport category aircraft.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the A.A.S. degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology, graduates will be able to do the following:

  • Demonstrate the ability to research, troubleshoot, and repair aircraft and aircraft components
  • Demonstrate the ability to correctly read, understand, and apply Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and other FAA documentation
  • Successfully complete a series of FAA written national certification exams. These are three separate exams that are classified as the General, Airframe, and Power Plant exams. (General, Airframe, & Power Plant)
  • Successfully complete an end of program FAA oral and practical exam administered by an FAA Designated Mechanic Examiner (D.M.E.) for national certification

To remain in and graduate from the Aviation Maintenance Technology program, a student must earn a “C” grade or above in every required class in the AVMT and AVIO curriculum


Upon completion of the FAA tests, the graduate will be issued a temporary FAA certificate while awaiting their permanent license by the FAA at Oklahoma City.

Graduates with the Associate of Applied Science degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology are qualified for entry-level positions to work as Airframe and Power Plant Technicians (AMT). They will be approved for work on small aircraft, corporate aircraft, helicopters, and transport category aircraft.

Graduates will be qualified to work at many worksites, including third-party maintenance facilities, overhaul and repair facilities, airlines, and fixed base operations.

Credit hours taken in this Associate degree program may be applied towards a Bachelor degree program in Aviation Maintenance Management. Check with Bachelor’s Degree Institutions in advance.

Required Courses (68 Hrs)

General Studies (15 Hrs)

Model Schedule - Powerplant Priority (68 Hrs)

Model Schedule - Airframe Priority (68 Hrs)

Notes to Degree Plan

  • The AVMT FAA Capstone Review Class AVMT 2215  is offered Summer 1 of each year to prepare second-year AMT Majors for the FAA written, oral and practical A & P certification exams. This class, while highly recommended, is not an FAA certificate requirement.
  • All first semester classes (AVMT 1101 , AVMT 1102 , & AVMT 1103 ) are prerequisites for all subsequent classes.
  • Must have grades of “C” or better in all AVMT, AVIO and ENGL courses for graduation.

Notice to All Students

  • Annual Notification: All career and technical education courses and programs are offered at Pierpont regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, or disability.
  • Advanced Skill Set and Skill Set programs do not qualify for financial aid. Students seeking financial aid eligible degrees may incorporate the classes as electives when their schedule allows or may declare an associate or certificate degree in which the skill set and advanced skill set courses are embedded.
  • Students are reminded to review campus policies and procedures as stated in the catalog.

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