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Spring 2023 Academic Catalog 
Spring 2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Electrocardiograph Technology, Advanced Skill Set

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Electrocardiograph Technology Program Coordinator

Program Purpose

Electrocardiograph technician operates the equipment that records and measures the activity of the heart. These recordings are used to assist the cardiologist and physicians in diagnosing and treating cardiac problems.

Admission Requirements

Admission into the Electrocardiograph Technology Advanced Skill Set is based upon the following criteria:

  1. Apply to Pierpont Community and Technical College for the term you want to begin the program and meet the general admission requirements or be a current student
    1. First-time students should select “Adv Skill Set: ECG” as their educational goal on their application.
    2. Current students will need to complete a Change of Major form and select “Electrocardiograph Technology (Adv Skill Set)” as their requested major.      
  2. Have a high school and/or college GPA of 2.0 or better or passing score on High School Equivalency Exam.

Qualified students are accepted into the program until capacity is met.

*Students can begin the program in the fall or spring semesters.

Program Requirements

  • Students must pass a criminal background clearance check, meet health and immunization requirements, and drug testing.
  • Students must be able to meet the essential functions of the program and classes, with or without accommodations.
  • Students will need to provide their own transportation to assigned clinical sites.

Students must complete each course in the ECG program model schedule with a grade of “C” or higher and maintain an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher to remain in the program. Students who receive a “D” or “F” in a course must repeat the course before continuing in the program’s course sequence. If students receive two such grades in the same course, they will be removed from the program.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Electrocardiograph Technology Advanced Skill Set, students will be able to do the following:

  • Perform a single-channel or multichannel electrocardiograph
  • Describe what causes each type of artifact and how each can be eliminated
  • Read ECGs using a standard procedure
  • Explain the need for a Holter monitor, a treadmill stress test, and a thallium stress test
  • Complete the academic and clinical requirements for eligibility to sit for the national exam to become a Certified Electrocardiography Technician

Notice to All Students

  • Annual Notification: All career and technical education courses and programs are offered at Pierpont regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, or disability.
  • Advanced Skill Set and Skill Set programs do not qualify for financial aid. Students seeking financial aid eligible degrees may incorporate the classes as electives when their schedule allows or may declare an associate or certificate degree in which the skill set and advanced skill set courses are embedded.
  • Students are reminded to review campus policies and procedures as stated in the catalog.

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