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Fall 2022 Academic Catalog 
Fall 2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Payment of Tuition and Fees

Refund Policy for Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

Special Fees (Non-Refundable)

Annual Notification: All career and technical education courses and programs are offered at Pierpont regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, or disability.

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Students attending Pierpont are offered an alternative to payment in full at the time of registration. Please contact the Student Account Office at 304-333-3739 if you would like to join in a payment plan. If payment is not received before the due date, a $50 late fee will be added to the account. The registration process is not complete until all fees have been paid in full. Fees can be paid with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, and Electronic Check. Students receiving financial aid must apply one hundred percent of their aid prior to the payment plan.

Registration is not completed until payment of tuition and all applicable charges such as residence hall rent, board, and fees have cleared. A late payment charge of $50 will be assessed on the first day of class; a $25 charge will be assessed on each check returned for “insufficient funds” unless the student can obtain an admission of error on the part of the bank. The Office of Student Services shall declare the fees unpaid and registration canceled until the check has been redeemed and the additional charge paid. The Office of Student Services will not release student records for any student who has a delinquent financial obligation.

All outstanding amounts resulting from nonpayment of tuition and fees are the responsibility of the student. Withdrawal from school, officially or unofficially, will not cancel any financial obligation already incurred. Additionally, failure to pay all financial obligations may result in debts being turned over to a collection agency.

NOTE: The term “resident” refers to classification for fee purposes only. See end of this section for resident classifications.

All fees are subject to change. Please see our homepage for the most current tuition and fee information. From the main home page, select Financial Aid; next select Explore Costs; then select Tuition and Fees to locate this information.

Please remember that bills are no longer being sent via mail, billing information, reminders and important notices are sent to each student’s institutional e-mail address.

Refund Policy for Tuition and Fees

A student who withdraws from ALL classes shall receive a refund of fees, excluding special fees, in accordance with the following schedule:

Complete Withdrawal through First Week 100% Refund
Complete Withdrawal from First Week up to 10% of the Term 90% Refund
Complete Withdrawal from 11% up to 25% of the Term 75% Refund
Complete Withdrawal from 26% up to 50% of the Term 50% Refund
Complete Withdrawal after Completing More Than 50% of the Term No Refund

Refunds are determined from the first day of the school term. The student’s official withdrawal date is certified by the Student/Enrollment Services. Students who have paid in advance and cancel schedules prior to registration day will receive full refunds. Students who do not officially withdraw from all classes after Late Registration (add/drop week) will not be eligible for any refund of tuition and fees. An excessive withdrawal fee may be charged after 4 courses have been dropped each semester. Return of Title IV funds may reduce the tuition and fee refund resulting in the student owing a balance to the institution. The institution is responsible for notifying the student and recovering the funds.

Tuition and Fees (2022-2023)

  WV Resident Non-Resident Metro Rate
12 Hours $2,543 $6,028 $4,882
11 Hours $2,321 $5,522 $4,466
10 Hours $2,110 $5,020 $4,060
9 Hours $1,899 $4,518 $3,654
8 Hours $1,688 $4,016 $3,248
7 Hours $1,477 $3,514 $2,842
6 Hours $1,266 $3,012 $2,436
5 Hours $1,055 $2,510 $2,030
4 Hours $844 $2,008 $1,624
3 Hours $633 $1,506 $1,218
2 Hours $422 $1,004 $812
1 Hour $211 $502 $406

NOTE: Metro Rate tuition applies to non-residents living in Greene and Fayette County, Pennsylvania, and Garrett County, Maryland.

Special Fees (Non-Refundable)

Applicable to All Students

Fee Code Amount
New Student Orientation Fee                                                  $130.00
Technology Fee   $180.00


Other Fees - Applied As Appropriate

Fee Code Amount
Board of Governor’s Degree Evaluation   $300.00
Cashed Check Copy Fee   $15.00
Check Stop Payment Fee   $25.00
Competitive Programs Application Fee   $20.00
Credit Conversion Fee (per credit)   $22.00
Credit for Life Experience Evaluation   $300.00
CTC Materials Fee   $25.00
Diploma Replacement   $25.00
Dual Enrollment Fee (per credit hour)   $25.00
Excess Course Withdrawal Fee   $50.00
ID Card Replacement Fee   $20.00
Late Payment Fee   $25.00
Late Registration Fee   $25.00
Math Lab Fee   $55.00
Occupational Develop/Tech Studies Degree Evaluation Fee   $150.00
Pierpont Facilities Fee   $151.00
Pierpont Facilities Fee II   $29.00
Placement Credential Fee   $3.00
Transcript Fee   $7.00
Reinstatement Fee   $25.00
Returned Check Fee   $15.00
Special Examinations for course credit (per credit hour)   $22.00
Senior Citizen’s Audit Fee (per credit hour)   $22.00
Violation of Tobacco Free Campus Policy - 2nd Offense   $50.00
Violation of Tobacco Free Campus Policy - 3rd Offense   $100.00


Program Fees & Charges

School of Business, Aviation & Technology
Advanced Welding PAWF Per Semester $350.00
     - Welding Technology Fee WTCF Per Course $160.00
Applied Design PADF Per Semester $225.00
Applied Process Technology PAPF Per Semester $350.00
     - Applied Process Tech Tooling U Fee  APTT ENRG 1994   $128.00
     - Applied Process Tech NETL Lab Fee APTL ENRG 2050   $84.00
Aviation Maintenance Technology PAMF Per Semester $400.00
     - Aviation Technology Fee AVIA Per Credit $40.00
Business PBSF Per Semester $225.00
Cyber Security (CAS) PCSF Per Semester $225.00
Drafting/Design Engineering PDTF Per Semester $225.00
Electric Utility Technology PETF Per Semester $350.00
Graphics Technology PGTF Per Semester $225.00
Information Systems PISF Per Semester $225.00
     - Cisco Course Fee CSCO

INFO 2250 INFO 2251 

INFO 2252 INFO 2253  

     - CompTIA A+ Exam Fee CCEF INFO 2205 INFO 2206   $220.00
     - CompTIA Security+ Exam Fee   Per Course $190.00
Petroleum Technology PPMF Per Semester $350.00
School of General Education & Professional Studies
AMSL/Interpreter Sign Language PITF Per Semester $399.00
Criminal Justice PCJF Per Semester $225.00
Early Childhood Education PECF Per Semester $275.00
Food Services Management PFSF Per Semester $300.00
     - Culinary Arts Membership   Per Year $85.00
     - Culinary Arts Professional Tool Kit     $260.00
     - Culinary Foods Lab Fee   Per Course $200.00
Liberal Studies PLSF Per Semester $175.00
Paralegal Studies PPSF Per Semester $275.00
School of Health Sciences
Emergency Medical Services (AAS & CAS)   Per Semester $325.00
     - EMT Basic Exam Fee EMXF EMMS 1103 EMMS 2214   $98.00
     - EMT-P (Paramedic) National Registry Exam Fee   One Time $152.00
     - EMS - FIDP (Field Intern Database Prog) Fee   EMMS 1106   $100.00
Health Information Technology PHTF Per Semester $185.00
     - Health Information Tech Virtual Lab Fee HITL

HLIN 1100 HLIN 1105 

HLIN 2202 HLIN 2203  

Health Science PHCF Per Semester $185.00
Medical Laboratory Assistant (CAS) PLAF Per Semester $185.00
Licensed Practical Nursing PLPF Per Semester $185.00
     - LPN NCLEX Review Fee LPRF LPNC 1101   $1,630.00
Medical Laboratory Technology PMLF Per Semester $185.00
     - Medical Laboratory Tech Lab Fee MLAB Per Lab Course $30.00
Physical Therapy Assistant PPTF Per Semester $185.00
Radiology Technology PRTF Per Semester $185.00
Respiratory Care PRCF Per Semester $185.00
     - Resp Care National Board Exam Review Fee RNBE RESP 2260   $425.00
     - Resp Care Self-Assessment Exam Fee RSAE RESP 2260   $65.00
     - Resp Care Trajecsys Online Portal Fee RTOP RESP 1106   $100.00
     - Resp Care Board Testing Fee RCBT RESP 2995   $200.00
     - Resp Care Practice Clinic Simulations Fee RCCS RESP 2210   $75.00
     - Resp Care EHR Go Fee   Per Lab Course $65.00
     - Resp Care Lab Fee   Per Lab Course $65.00
Veterinary Assistant (CAS) PVTF Per Semester $185.00
Veterinary Technology PVTF Per Semester $185.00
     - Veterinary Technology Lab Fee VTMF Per Lab Course $30.00