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Fall 2023 Academic Catalog 
Fall 2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Basic Guidelines and Standards for Admissions

General Application Policy

Steps for General Admission

Immunization Requirements

ACT and SAT Scores

Competitive Programs

Dual Enrollment

Annual Notification: All career and technical education courses and programs are offered at Pierpont regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, or disability.

Basic Guidelines and Standards for Admissions

The Pierpont Community & Technical College Admissions Policy follows the West Virginia Council for Community and Technical College Title 135 Procedural Rule, Series 23 “Basic Guidelines and Standards for Admissions at Community and Technical College”. The college is committed to providing an educational opportunity to all persons regardless of educational background or preparation.

Admission to Pierpont is open to any person age eighteen or older, able to benefit from study at the community college level.

General Application Policy

Students who have a high school transcript of completion or have passed a High School Equivalency Exam may enroll in a Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) degree, an Associate of Arts (AA) degree, and an Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS) degree. Students seeking admission to Pierpont Community & Technical College shall do the following:

  • Submit an application for admission and meet applicable deadlines.
  • The application and any supporting credentials must be on file at least two weeks prior to the opening of a semester or term.
  • ACT/SAT scores are not required for admission, with the exception of certain selective programs.
  • Applicants who do NOT have ACT/SAT scores within the past five years or do not meet all placement standards for entry into certain majors can be placed into English courses, Mathematics courses, and program courses that do not require placement scores. Placement tests should be completed before admission into the major. Placement scores are valid for 2 years from date of testing.

Please note the following:

  • All credentials submitted in support of an application for admission become the property of the college and will not be returned to the student.
  • Any student admitted upon the basis of false credentials will be subject to immediate dismissal from the institution.
  • Students who fail to register during a semester or term for which they have been admitted must file another application in order to gain admission at a later date.
  • Neither regular or conditional admission to the college ensure the entry into a specific program of study, nor imply eligibility to enroll in courses with established prerequisites, or entry into competitive programs with limited numbers of students and special entry requirements.


Pierpont offers new student orientation sessions. Students can enroll, select classes, complete financial aid steps, and more. Contact (304) 367-4907 for information.

Non-High School or Equivalency Completers

Without a high school transcript of completion, or passing of a High School Equivalency Exam, individuals may be conditionally admitted into the college and as a “Non-Degree Seeking” student can enroll in many courses. However, “Non-Degree Seeking” students are not eligible for financial aid.  Following each semester students will be evaluated to determine whether college-level academic performance indicates an ability to continue. Upon conditional admission, individuals will be directed to testing.

Early Admissions Standards

Early admissions standards for high school students enrolling in community colleges are subject to the requirements of the WVCTCS Section 135-19-6 of Title 135, Series 19 “Guidelines for College Courses for High School Students”. Entry into General English, Mathematics and Science courses may also require defined ACT, SAT or placement test scores. All students are advised to make an appointment for placement testing for appropriate course placement and before their scheduling of courses. Incorrect and incomplete information will delay file completion and financial aid processing.

Steps for General Admission

First-Time Freshman

  • Submit:
  1. Application for Admission
  2. Official High School Transcript (sent by high school), Home School Transcript, or Official High School Equivalency Exam Certificate (sent by Department of Education)
  3. ACT/SAT Scores, COMPASS, ACCUPLACER or other approved placement scores when necessary (prerequisites, entry into program of study requirement)
  • Apply for financial aid (FAFSA code 040385)

  • When admission is approved:

    1. Complete Placement Tests if necessary (administered by Pierpont at no cost to the student)
    2. Attend Orientation Session
    3. Complete Financial Aid Counseling Session (if taking out loans)

Transfer Student

Any applicant for admission who has attended another accredited institution of higher education as a degree-seeking student is classified as a transfer student and must meet the admission requirements of Pierpont Community & Technical College. Credits and grades earned at any institution that is accredited by an accreditor recognized by the United State Department of Education shall be transferable to Pierpont.  (For additional information concerning the articulation policy of transfer work, please see “Transfer Credit” in the “Prior Credit” section of the academic catalog.)  All transfer work completed by an applicant is required upon admission.  Applicants classified as “transfer students” are considered to have demonstrated their ability to be successful at the collegiate level (e.g. ability to benefit) based upon their previous admission at their transfer institution.

Transfer applicants should complete the following:

  • Submit an application for admission and all applicable college transcripts
  • Apply for financial aid (FAFSA code 040385)
  • When admission is approved:
    1. Complete placement tests if necessary
    2. Attend an orientation session
    3. Complete a financial aid counseling session if requested educational loans

2nd-Degree Post Graduate

Any applicant that has completed a baccalaureate degree or higher from an accredited institution may pursue another degree as a postgraduate student. Submit an application and all college transcripts to:

Pierpont Community &Technical College
ATTN:  Office of Admissions
500 Galliher Drive
Fairmont, WV 26554

General Studies and major requirements will be reviewed by the appropriate departments to determine what additional courses must be completed. 

Non-Degree Seeking (Not FA Eligible)

Admission is intended for students registering for occasional college courses with no degree objective. Non-degree seeking students may include transient students, high school students, high school or High School Equivalency Exam graduates wishing to take classes but not interested in attaining a degree, and adult students without high school or High School Equivalency Exam credentials.

Transient Student

  • Submit:
  1. Application for Admission
  2. College transcripts showing pre-requisite courses may be required to take some courses.
  3. After completion of 15 credit hours, transient students wishing to seek a degree must submit an application for admission as a degree seeking student.

High School Student (Not FA Eligible)

  • Submit:
  1. Application for admission
  2. High school transcript
  3. Written permission from high school principal or counselor
  4. Written parental permission

Outstanding high school students may be admitted as non-degree seeking students only, either in the summer following completion of the junior year in high school or during the senior year in high school. In addition, students must have a 3.0 cumulative grade point average or higher. No more than 15 hours may be earned before admission as a regular student. Students must pay regular college fees as defined by the West Virginia Community and Technical College System (WVCTCS). High School students may not receive Financial Aid until the fall semester following graduation.

Other Non-Degree Seeking Student

  • Submit:
  1. Application for admission
  2. High school transcript or High School Equivalency Exam Certificate (sent by the Department of Education) if applicable
  3. Prerequisite courses or test scores may need to be met for some courses
  4. After completion of 15 credit hours, transient students wishing to seek a degree must submit an application for admission as a degree seeking student.

Immunization Requirements

The following immunizations are strongly recommended for all students enrolling at Pierpont:

  • MMR (mumps, measles, rubella)
  • Meningococcal vaccine
  • Polio series
  • Tetanus-Diphtheria- Pertussis (Td and aP or Tdap within the past five years)
  • Hepatitis A Vaccine
  • Hepatitis B Series
  • Varicella Vaccine (or history of chicken pox)

Health Sciences, Early Childhood and Food Service Management majors require immunizations to complete classes, practicums and internships. Please contact the program coordinators for additional information.

ACT and SAT Scores

Some degree and certificate programs at Pierpont Community & Technical College require applicants to provide American College Test (ACT) or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). Students are encouraged to take the ACT or SAT because scores on the test are used in placing students in English and Mathematics, for scholarships and loans, and in the academic counseling program. High school students are urged to take the test during their junior year. Financial aid applicants should take the test either during the summer prior to the beginning of the senior year, or on the September or October dates. Students receiving a score of 25 or higher on the English section of the Enhanced ACT and four units of high school English with no semester grade less than a “B” may receive credit for ENGL 1104. (See Student Services)

For information concerning registration and test dates for the ACT National Exam, please visit the official ACT website, www.act.org.

Competitive Programs

Several programs of study have competitive entry, are limited in the number of students admitted annually, and have specific application deadline dates. Applicants to competitive programs should complete placement or ACT or SAT testing early and have their high school transcripts forwarded to Student Services as soon as possible in the fall for consideration into the competitive programs for the following fall enrollment date. To insure proper consideration, students are asked to make early application to their program of choice with test scores and transcripts (note, some program consideration involves additional costs). Each competitive program has a separate application and a $20 nonrefundable application fee. All documents must be on file by the deadline. All applications of persons interested in the specific programs will be given every consideration in the selection process.

Competitive programs requiring separate applications are as follows:

Program Deadline
Licensed Practical Nursing March 1
Physical Therapist Assistant March 1
*Radiologic Technology March 1
Veterinary Technology March 1

(*Note: This major is affiliated with United Hospital Center [UHC] and WVU Hospitals [WVUH]. Students must attend interviews and respond to emails directly from UHC and WVUH Radiologic Technology program.)

Required competitive program credentials may include:

  • Program application
  • $20 nonrefundable application fee
  • High school transcript, home school transcript, or High School Equivalency Exam scores
  • Placement scores
  • ACT/SAT/ACCUPLACER (Physical Therapist Assistant and Radiologic Technology majors do not accept ACCUPLACER scores.)

College transcripts (if applicable) and any other required information must be on file by the deadline date listed on the program application.

The credentials are collected by the Office of Admissions and are submitted to the appropriate selection committee for consideration. Additional information concerning competitive programs includes:

  • Any application received after that date will be considered only on a space-available basis.
  • All applicants are notified by letter concerning their admission status to the program.
  • Selection criteria are based primarily on academic background with some flexibility concerning life experience and training. Strong mathematics and science background is highly recommended. Consideration will be given to students who have successfully completed college coursework.
  • Students with a college cumulative grade point average of less than 2.0 must remedy this situation before they can be eligible for admission to the programs.
  • Students who have completed a High School Equivalency Exam must show evidence of successful completion of required prerequisite courses.

Specific program requirements are in the ‘Program of Study’ section of the catalog.

Physical examinations are not required for general admission to Pierpont Community & Technical College. However, certain programs do require physical examinations:

  • All ‘Health Sciences’ students must have a physical examination prior to entering any Health Sciences program.  Forms are available from Program Coordinators.  Completed forms should be submitted to Program Coordinators.
  • Early Childhood students must have a physical examination prior to entering the program.  Documentation of examination should be submitted to the Early Childhood Program Coordinator.


Dual Enrollment

Transitional Education Specialist
(304) 367-4208

Pierpont’s Dual Enrollment program offers both high school credit and college credit courses to high school students as an enrichment opportunity to provide an advanced start on earning college credit.  Studies prove that students who participate in dual enrollment programs are more likely to continue their education after high school graduation.  By enrolling in dual credit courses, high school students can take advantage of valuable academic and social experience during their regular high school day at the discounted rate of $25/credit hour.  Participating in dual credit opportunities:  

  • Allows students to receive high school and college credit at the same time 
  • Demonstrates the differences between high school and college-level courses
  • Can lower the costs of a students’ overall college education
  • Facilitates a smooth transition between high school and college
  • Provides students the opportunity to earn transferable college credit

Most Frequently Taken Dual Credit Courses

Pierpont offers a wide variety of courses that fulfill general education requirements for certificate, associate, and bachelor degree programs.  Our most frequently taken courses include: (have link to catalog.pierpont.edu)

  • ENGL 1104-Written English I
  • ENGL 1108-Written English II
  • COMM 2200-Introduction to Human Communication
  • PSYG 1101-Introduction to Psychology
  • MTH 1212-College Algebra
  • BIOY 1101-General Biology
  • HLCA 1170-Human Anatomy and Physiology

What If I Want to Take Classes Outside of the High School Schedule?

If you want to take classes that are not being offered at your high school, you can choose to enroll in courses for college credit only. Pierpont’s Dual Enrollment program offers high school students the unique opportunity to complete courses for college credit outside of their regular high school schedule.  Students can utilize this opportunity to take general education courses and program prerequisites not offered at their high school in order to get a jumpstart on earning important college credits.  The majority of courses taken for college credit are offered online and all are taught by Pierpont faculty. In-person options for most classes are also available.  In addition to providing a way to get ahead on college coursework, taking classes for college credit prepares students for what to expect at the next level of their education. 


To enroll in college credit/dual credit classes, follow these steps: 

  • Apply to Pierpont by clicking on Apply Now at pierpont.edu
  • Speak to your high school counselor about class availability and eligibility requirements
  • Contact the Transitional Education Specialist for an add/drop form to complete registration at dualenrollment@pierpont.edu

Fun Facts

  • Studies show that students who enroll in college courses while in high school experience an easier transition into college and are more likely to be successful.
  • Dual Enrollment students can complete large portions of a Certificate or Associate Degree while still in high school
  • Dual Enrollment students at Pierpont have access to the resources within Student Services

Transferring Credits

Many of our dual enrollment courses are included on the Core Transfer List, meaning they fulfill the equivalent general studies requirement at other 2- and 4-year state institutions.  If you complete dual enrollment courses and wish to transfer them to another institution, please request a transcript by going to Pierpont.edu and clicking on Quick Links.    


To enroll in dual enrollment classes, follow these steps: 

  • Apply to Pierpont by clicking on Apply Now at pierpont.edu
  • Speak to your high school counselor about class availability and eligibility requirements

Contact the Transitional Education Specialist for an add/drop form to complete registration at dualenrollment@pierpont.edu.